Zhejiang Ducheng Industry&Wuhan University of Science and Technology University University Enterprise Joint Seminar Completely Successful
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In order to further broaden talent training channels, improve talent training quality, deepen school enterprise cooperation, and achieve win-win results for both sides, representatives of Zhejiang Ducheng Industry Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of Science and Technology held a school enterprise joint seminar in Hangzhou on August 4.

Mr. Teng Huailiang, President of Zhejiang Ducheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Mr. Shao Zhengang, Production Director, Mr. Ye Jianxin, Chief Engineer, Mr. Ge Liang, Assistant President, and Mr. Li Dongxin, Assistant Administrative Director, participated in the seminar together with Professor Zhang Botao of School of Computer Science and Technology of Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Mr. Zhao Min of School of Information Science and Engineering as the delegation of Ducheng Industrial Seminar.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Teng Huailiang, President of Ducheng Industry, extended a warm welcome to the guests from Wuhan University of Science and Technology. In the communication link, the school and the enterprise had a face-to-face in-depth conversation to jointly discuss the new ideas of school enterprise cooperation, conducted in-depth communication and exchange, and discussed the cooperation opportunities and industry practice.


In this seminar, the two sides exchanged valuable suggestions on their respective development plans at the current stage, future development paths and talent cultivation. In view of how to scientifically develop the mode of enterprise school combination, the key points of equipment full cycle management, digital management, as well as the utilization rate of human efficiency and spare parts, the establishment of training knowledge base and rapid and accurate retrieval were discussed and exchanged, so as to understand the actual talent needs of enterprises and jointly explore the sustainable development path of school enterprise cooperation.


President Teng Huailiang expressed his gratitude for the care and cultivation of his alma mater and said that he would continue to pay attention to and support the development of his alma mater. Next, Du Cheng Industrial also continued to strengthen cooperation with other universities, build a convenient and efficient communication and cooperation platform between schools and enterprises, continue to take the initiative to deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and actively contribute to the enterprise's strength in the field of jointly cultivating talents between schools and enterprises!